Vicky Lang, owner of "Follow The White Rabbit Store" in Tauranga, recognised a need for individuals and businesses to be protected from Covid-19. 

During the lockdown our fantastic team of sewing volunteers fulfilled many order requests from different essential workers and charities in Tauranga. Some of these included ... Woman's Refuge, The Salvation Army, Huria Marae Kai Aroha, Tauranga Living without Violence, Awhina House, Tauranga Moana Night Shelter, Curate Meals, KidsCan, Pacific Community Food Bank & Under the Stars. Also Countdown, New World and Fresh Choice, Healthcare Workers, Disability support, Home Carers, Childcare, Rest Homes and at risk individuals. The total masks distributed come to 1600 and counting. 

Moving forward from Level-2 and beyond, Masks for Tauranga aims to offer a free mask for those in need for every mask + filter set brought. This is so we can continue to provide a service to the community as they need it. 

Thank you all for volunteering your time to a great cause.  You can still purchase Masks and filters for yourself and businesses on the website using the links above.

Why are these masks different to other masks being made?

We are using NZ company Lanaco's Helix.iso™ filters which add extra layers of protection, with a highly effective filtration level of >80% at 0.3 micron size particles. This means that the masks we produce are more effective and longer-lasting than some of the lower grade masks currently being used, many of which are designed for single-use only.  Our masks are 100% cotton, and Made in New Zealand by local dressmakers.

If you are a registered charity, please fill in the mask order
request form below.
You will need a charity number to be accepted..

Order Request Form

*Please ensure that you have read and downloaded the hygiene and safety requirements for proper mask use.
See PDF link below.

MFT - Proper Mask Use Hygiene and Care 

Many thanks from Vicky and the Team xx

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