Hello. As you can appreciate we are currently inundated with mask orders.

We currently offer black, white and blue, lightweight breathable reusable cotton masks which are designed to fit the Helix ISO Wool Filters. These masks are currently out of stock.

We do have the Helix Filter Packs in Stock to buy for $25 plus postage. 

For any other designs, you are welcome to sew your own using the patterns on the website.


We are working on restocking masks as soon as we can and will process orders as soon as possible but please expect delays.

If you are a registered charity and would like masks please contact operations@masksfortauranga - you must have a registered charity number.


Thanks for understanding,

Vicky and the team.

Lanaco Wool Helix Filters for Masks. Packet of 7.

Product Details

$25 incl gst each (pack of 7 filters)


Lanaco Helix filters can be used in your home sewn masks to give added protection against the Covid-19 virus. 
Made from natural fibres. Made in New Zealand.

+ $7.80 standard courier delivery

+ $13.60 rural delivery

Sorry delivery only available in NEW ZEALAND.

100% Cotton Reusable Face Mask + 7 Pack of Helix.ISO Face Mask Filters.

Product Details - 

Currently OUT OF STOCK.

$35 incl gst each (pack of one mask and 7 filters)


  • 1 lightweight washable 100% cotton facemask, with aluminium nose band in black or white.
    Handmade in Tauranga NZ

  • 7 pack of Lanaco Helix iso filters

This reusable face mask solution offers a breathable, sustainable solution for your protection and the protection of others. Comes with full instructions of proper use, care and hygiene.

For every mask sold we donate a mask to someone in need.

This is not a medical grade n95, however it does provide
an excellent breath-ability to protection ratio, enabling
the wearer to use for long periods of time without having
to remove the mask.

Choose from Black, White or Blue Masks.

+ $7.80 standard courier delivery

+ $13.60 rural delivery

Sorry delivery only available in NEW ZEALAND.

FAQS about the Lanaco Filters


Natural Clean Air Technology

HELIX.iso™ Mask Kit System

Made specifically for the needs of COVID-19 protection

What are the types of masks and protection offered?

Surgical (the square green or blue ones) masks will partially protect others from you if you are ill, and provide minimal protection from a virus particle in the air as they are loose-fitting and do not provide an effective seal against the face. They are being sold by the billions globally. They are cheap.

An N95, or P2 mask as they are known in NZ, WITHOUT an exhale valve, will pick up any exhaled particles (protecting other people) as well as inhaled particles(protecting the user) If it has a valve, it does not protect others from exhaled breath from an infected person.

There are hundreds of other mask styles circulating which offer nil or marginal protection for inhale or exhale. COVID-19 requires as close as possible to N95 performance.
N95 masks are more expensive to make, and are in global short supply.

What is the mask system?

Lanaco, an Auckland company, is partnering with the sewing community of NZ to make a mask which can be supplied in large volumes, but made locally.

The mask uses a special filter called HELIX.iso™, which users can fit and replace as often as possible, but have a cheap, easy breathing mask body which must be washed regularly. A contaminated element must be thrown away safely.

When correctly deployed, the mask with a HELIX.iso™ filter provides excellent protection.

Is this an N95 mask or a surgical mask?

It is not an N95 mask. N95 refers to a safety standard for industrial use. These are in short supply and are typically more expensive. They can be uncomfortable and unsuitable for people with breathing difficulties, for individuals under exertion, or for children (There are no protection standards Natural Clean Air Technology

for children). It is also not a surgical mask, as the mask body for the HELIX.iso™ mask seals against the face better and will provide a better level of protection than a surgical mask.

The breathing resistance of the element is lower than a surgical mask, which makes breathing comfortable. It also seals around the face securely and removes more than 80% of 0.3-micron particles at normal breathing rates.

Why does the filter stick out at the corners?

This allows the user to ensure the element is correctly fitted visually. Better safe than pretty! If the corners are visible as per the instruction, it will provide its full protection.

Can I use anything else apart from HELIX.iso™ as a filter when I run out?

Using anything else will compromise the effectiveness of the filter, and your safety. Some similar products around the world use shopping bags or kitchen towels. These are very hard to breathe through and perform very poorly as a filter against a virus.

When you order a mask from your distributor with HELIX.iso™ it will come with a replacement element safety sealed pack of 7 filters, with additional packs also available separately.

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